Lebanon right here in Naples

Moura Bistro promises an unforgettable dining experience

Nestled in the heart of Naples, FL, Moura Bistro stands as a beacon of authentic Lebanese cuisine, a testament to owner Nabil Bassil’s dedication to sharing his mother Moura’s culinary legacy.

Inspired by his childhood spent watching his mother cook traditional Lebanese dishes at home, Nabil embarked on a journey to bring those cherished flavors to a wider audience. His commitment to authenticity is evident in every dish, as he meticulously recreates recipes discovered in his mother’s cherished recipe book.

At Moura Bistro, expect nothing less than the finest Lebanese spices, fresh produce, and premium meats, ensuring each plate bursts with rich, aromatic flavors.

Whether you’re craving silky-smooth hummus, perfectly grilled kebabs, or a taste of Lebanon’s diverse culinary heritage, Moura Bistro promises an unforgettable dining experience. Come and savor the warmth and tradition of Lebanon right here in Naples, where every bite tells a story of love and passion for exceptional food.